About Dennis Lennox

Dennis Lennox's writings on politics, foreign affairs, religion and travel have been published in Britain’s Independent, the Detroit Free Press, Financial Times, Toronto Sun, The Detroit News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times and other leading newspapers. He has also appeared on the BBC, CBC, CNN, MTV, National Public Radio and the Fox News Channel.

Lennox oversaw public works and water resources as a county drain commissioner for the State of Michigan. He has also held positions on the campaigns of four U.S. presidential candidates. In 2008, Lennox had the distinction of being the youngest member of the Michigan delegation at the Republican National Convention, which formally nominated the party's candidates for president and vice president of the United States.

A past member of the International Association of Political Consultants, Lennox observed and consulted on national elections in several countries, including Canada, Norway and Sweden. He previously represented the Republican National Committee in meetings with presidents, prime ministers and heads of political parties.

Lennox attended Central Michigan University, where he studied political science, history and journalism at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He also sits on the vestry (board of directors) of St. John's Episcopal Church in Detroit.